A mango plantation in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa
Mango plantation in the Cederberg

An unique and very favourable feature of the specific micro climate at Jamaka makes it possible to grow mangoes which ripen later than anywhere else in South Africa. The late varieties like Sensation and Keitt mango's can be harvested until up to August each year.

The main variety planted is Sensation because of it’s exceptional high yield as well as it’s flavourful taste and eye catching deep purple reddish colour. Some Sabre and Keitt varieties are also harvested.

three ripe mangoes hanging on a tree
Organic mangoes ready for harvest

The harvest normally starts by the end of March with the Sabre variety while the bulk of the Sensation crop ripens in May and June. The Sensation tends to have alternative on and off fruit bearing years which is caused by the late ripening and therefore too short rest period for the trees between hartvest time and blossoming.

Mangoes with blemishes are peeled and sundried and also used for making Mango atjar or chutney and mango jam. The dried mangoes are sulpher and preservative free.

March and April harvested mangoed are sold to the organic box schemes and shops in Cape Town. Thereafter the rest and bulk of the mango crop is sold on the open market where it competes against mango's imported from the Northen hemisphere.

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